Meet Our Team


Shivani honwad

Shivani Honwad, Esq. is a passionate advocate for the rights of women and children. As a student at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Shivani spent the Summer of 2005 interning in Bollywood in Mumbai, India, where she witnessed first-hand the massive destruction of property and extreme devastation caused by the July 26, 2005 monsoon floods. Since then, Shivani has dedicated her education and career to helping those in need obtain the services they deserve.

She founded The Law Firm of Shivani Honwad, LLC in 2014 after working in the public and private sectors and clerking for the Chief Judge of the Family Court of Delaware upon graduating from law school. She focuses primarily on immigration and business law for companies in the fashion, tech, travel and entertainment realms. She successfully lobbied to amend Delaware’s state laws to provide better protections to juvenile victims of prostitution and is actively advocating for improved transparency in the modeling industry in NYC.

In addition to her business and legal background, as the founder of a few companies and ventures herself, Shivani understands what it takes for entrepreneurs and companies to be successful and thus blends her passion and expertise to help people achieve their dreams.


John Clark, Of-Counsel

John Clark is a litigator based out of New York City focusing in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice , breach of contract, and insurance related disputes. Mr. Clark began his legal career working at a small but respected firm that instilled a hands on approach and attention to detail when it comes to aggressively pursuing all claims and relief available under the law. Mr. Clark has worked on well-known and public matters such as the Flint Michigan Lead Crisis and The Lumber Liquidators mass tort litigation. These cases and experience that came with it allowed Mr. Clark to mature quickly as an attorney, and ultimately allowed him to go into his own practice starting in 2016, where he has continued to serve the very clients that started his career and trust him to this day.